Surjit Wright

Holding a master’s degree in leadership, teaching, and learning from Cambridge University Mrs. Surjit Wright has joined SIS as our Head of School Improvement Partner. The purpose of her new role is to strengthen the current leadership team through strategic and transformational change.

Mrs. Wright has over 10 years of experience directing and building strong leadership teams and enhancing performance outcomes across a broad range of schools both in the UK and the Middle East. She has been recognized by the KHDA for her role in raising school inspection results both in the areas of pastoral care and academic achievements.

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SABARI means "effecting change to transform for the better". The vision of the school is "To create a transformative learning culture that enables children to Share, Innovate and Succeed in life and work!!!".Through transformative education we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children and adults.

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