Sabari Indian School Gains Grade 8 Approval

Sabari Indian School, Dubai, has been given KHDA approval to add Grade eight for the following academic year, commencing in April 2017 Sabari Indian School, located near Century Mall in Al Nahda Dubai, is celebrating with the news it has successfully completed the approval procedure for the addition of Grade eight. Al Najah’s associate director of Indian Schools Karan Brown told, “the management, staff and students are very grateful and thankful to KHDA for giving us the approval for our Grade 8. This approval from KHDA provides us the critical continuity and the morale boost that is needed by a school.” The school is Al Najah Group’s first Indian curriculum school, the group also owns Horizon English School, Horizon International School and various nurseries and after-school activity centres both in the UAE and abroad. Brown went on to say, “a very proud thumbs up to the team at Sabari". The news comes as a relief to the current grade seven students, who until the news was announced were uncertain if they would have to look elsewhere to continue their education. "The management, staff, parents and most of all our current grade 7 students are delighted to hear that we have the approval to go ahead with our grade 8,” said Brown. Sabari opened in 2013, however it was only in late 2015 that Al Najah Group began managing the school. In little over a year, Brown has overseen an impressive recruitment drive, plus a raft of innovative improvements at the school. Although still rated only Acceptable by the KHDA in 2016/17, inspectors did note the schools ‘clear vision,’ and highlighted significant improvements since the previous inspection. “This approval from the regulators is indicative of the trust and confidence in Sabari Indian School as a growing educational institution and is a true reflection of the good work we have achieved here in the last 12 months,” says Brown. “This approval has given us the much needed confidence,” she says. “To build from here and continue the good work in our pursuit of becoming one of the finest leading Indian schools in the region.” “We have already made huge investments in improving the quality of Human Resources - our greatest asset at the School; in the guidance and support that the school receives from Al Najah Education and its network of schools and in improving the IT infrastructure. "With the continued support of KHDA Sabari Indian School will surely achieve the vision of taking Indian education to the best international standards of the UAE,” said Brown.

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SABARI means "effecting change to transform for the better". The vision of the school is "To create a transformative learning culture that enables children to Share, Innovate and Succeed in life and work!!!".Through transformative education we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children and adults.

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