SIS Academics

The CBSE curriculum is inquiry-driven, based on individual learning styles in terms of pedagogy and assessment. It addresses global needs and also relates to local issues and Arabic culture. It aims to promote critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills and information and media skills. The entire curriculum is transacted with various units of inquiry with a core area that incorporates Perspectives (informed positions), Critical Thinking, Research Projects, Life Skills and Social Empowerment through Work and Action.



Our enriched CBSE curriculum is deep rooted in the Indian culture with the breadth and depth of the international curriculum. Benchmarked against international standards, our curriculum offers a plethora of opportunities to every child to share, innovate and succeed. Such a bespoke international curriculum helps our students, particularly in the UAE context, to apply local and global perspectives and meet the National Agenda Targets as they compete with their counterparts in Singapore, Korea, Japan and Finland, the so called high performing curricula in TIMSS and PISA.


One of the significant features in the early years’ classrooms are the learning stations. These stations are specially designed keeping in mind, the learning and developmental needs of a child. It inculcates skills such as independence and decision-making, as they freely move around the classroom choosing from the wide range of resources. Children build a relationship with other children, explore a range of materials and are inspired by the provocations in these learning stations to enquire, explore and discover the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment.

There are eight learning areas within the class: reading station, writing/fine motor station, digital and LEGO station, investigation station, role-play station, art and sculpture station, listening station and free play station. Apart from the designated indoor learning stations there are a range of outdoor learning spaces such as the mud kitchen, music wall, water wall, construction station and the play pen. These learning stations ensure that every child is exposed to a variety of hands on, relevant learning experiences based on enquiry, exploration and experimentation. Children independently use ipads and through the power of touch and motion find out about the world around them and thus become active constructors of knowledge.

These learning stations provide opportunities to the teacher for focused small group instruction, while the teacher assistant provides children with multiple opportunities to reinforce and apply the skills they are learning. The Learning Stations at Sabari engage children in purposeful play and constitute an integral part of learning in the early years


Our students are engaged in life-worthy learning through a purposeful, enquiry driven learning approach based on hands on exploration. The activity and skill based approach to learning supported by the latest ipad technology empowers our students with the 21st century skills required to lead change and innovation. Students at SIS experience an Inter- disciplinary learning approach where they examine concepts from multiple global perspectives of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Math ( STREAM) weaving them into a coherent whole.


With the view of the holistic development of every child deep rooted in the philosophy of educating the Head, Heart and the Hands, learning at SIS is purposefully planned to provide varied, hands on, sensorial experiences in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. The core values encompassed in the value packed acronym ‘SMILE & CARE’ fortified by the four competencies( 4Cs) form the nucleus of the pedagogical pentagon framework of Sabari Indian School.

  • Children as Active Learners: Children are actively engaged in activities that kindle their curiosity and sustain their interest. Children are provided with a range of varied opportunities for children to consolidate their learning from observations, enquiry, exploration and first-hand experiences. Young children are curious and actively involved in their own learning and the discovery and development of new understandings/schema.
  • Culture of Visible Thinking: We promote a Culture of enquiry based learning wherein all learning aims at ‘Making Thinking Visible’. Within a culture of visible thinking, students experience school as a place where thinking is valued and given time, rich opportunities for thinking abound in their day-to-day classroom experience, models of thinking are present in the form of seeing teachers and peers as fellow thinkers, and the environment is rich with the documentation of thinking.
  • Enquiry driven Inter-disciplinary Learning Approach: Our students are engaged in life-worthy learning through a purposeful, enquiry driven e-learning approach based on hands on exploration. Students at SIS experience an Inter- disciplinary learning approach where they examine concepts from multiple perspectives from different disciplines such as Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Math ( STREAM) weaving them into a coherent whole. Students are engaged in STREAM projects throughout the year, which instill creative problem-solving techniques in students and develop them as future innovators.
  • Extending Learning through Social interaction: When children participate actively in meaningful tasks, facilitated by adults, they learn more effectively than they would as passive recipients of facts. Vygotsky explains that social interactions with supportive adults, parents and teachers deepen the student learning experience to the zone of proximal development. Stimulating and Sustainable Environment. Research has shown that a stimulating environment acts as the third teacher and inspires curiosity and deep learning. Such an inviting environment encourages students to explore, collaborate, investigate and reflect. The students explore innovative ideas, resources and strategies and become committed to the learning process that is driven by their own interests.


Our philosophy of education of the heart, head and hands, connects the intellect, body and soul. We at Sabari Indian School provide a secure, caring, inclusive and intellectually stimulating learning environment firmly founded on core values, trust and respect for each other. The wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities that our children can choose from and the world class coaching offered at SIS nurtures a holistic and well-rounded development of all students, ensuring the happiness and well-being of every member of the school fraternity.