SIS Dubai is a unique school combining the best of the CBSE curriculum with British style teaching and learning to help children achieve their potential. We are driven by a desire to share, innovate and succeed in all aspects of learning and for our students to develop a life-long love of learning.

School facilities include a STEAM Lab, where students apply the elements of Science, Technology, Research, and Engineering using Lego and robotic. All of our classrooms are technology driven with pupils each having their own iPad.

SIS Kindergarten

Learning unfolds naturally at our SIS Kindergarten. This learning is for life, hence it involves a child exploring and doing interesting things every day.

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SIS Primary

At SIS the Primary phase is divided into Lower Primary ( Grade 1 & 2) and the upper Primary (Grade 3 to Grade 5 ). Team of dedicated and highly trained teachers

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SIS Secondary

As the student's transition from Primary phase to Middle school Phase, the concentric circles of their knowledge, skills and understanding begins to widen.

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