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SIS Kindergarten curriculum is well balanced and appropriately structured to meet the needs of all groups of children and challenge the more able ones. It has stronger links to UAE culture that is embedded in what is to be taught and learned. The thriving learning environment inside and outside the classes allows students to play freely as they explore and investigate with teachers extending their ideas through questioning. This, in turn, provides them with incredible learning opportunities. Children build a relationship with other children, explore a range of materials, and are inspired by the provocations in these learning stations to discover the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment.

All children arrive at school with distinct learning needs and experiences, hence tailoring the environment and learning becomes a very important tool in helping us achieve the learning goal of all the students. Teachers make effective use of their observations to adapt to the learning environment that enables children to build on what they already know and can do.

One of the other key features is our ‘Focus group discussion’. These discussions provide opportunities to teachers for focused & small group interventions. Hence, every child is given individual attention which is integral in these formative years, while others play at the ‘Free choice planned areas’ allowing them to reinforce and apply the learned skills.