Why us?

Why Choose SIS?

SIS Dubai is a very different type of CBSE school. Small class sizes, inspired learning programmes, and dedicated teaching staff gives students a personalised and enjoyable learning experience. Each child is given the opportunity to realise their full potential, whilst building happy memories that will last forever.

25 Students per class

25 Students per class

25 Students per class

2 Teachers per class for personalized attention

25 Students per class

Customized in school STREAM program

25 Students per class

Wide range of extra-curricular activities

The Happiness program (Saadat el Taalim) has 4 pillars that students across the school demonstrate: -

  • We are happy because we live in the moment
  • We are happy because we live in the moment We are happy because we take pride in our achievements (brought about by the academic rigor)
  • We are happy because we Share and Care (Be good to others)
  • We are happy because we have found happiness within ourselves (Community initiatives – Each class takes part in an outreach program)

Curriculum Enrichment- The school offers a wide range of ECAs including:-

  • Creative Arts
  • Cricket
  • Astrophysics
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Drones and Robotics (a free after school program for gifted students who have the aptitude to work with Artificial Intelligence)
  • Swimming
  • Basketball

SIS Difference through curriculum extension

  • Vedic Maths (Coding/Maths)
  • The Chef in Me (Science)
  • Digital Storytelling (English)


Parallel curriculum to support needs of our SEN students (However, we are at full capacity for SEN)

AHA Hour

A termly challenge is set and accepted by students to achieve success in areas such as “I – Spy detective club, Photography club, AI club, Heritage club, etc;

Swimming pool

All students utilize the swimming pool weekly. Students are trained to try out for the Swim Squad.

STREAM Programme

A customized in-school program is offered to all students from Grade 1 to 8, teaching them skills in programming, coding, and product design, using Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math concepts


A band for KG students named Mini Melody Makers is currently in the making. From G3 and above a school band called Melody Makers has already been entertaining the whole school community with their performances.

Online reading apps:

Raz Kids is the app the whole school students use to support reading in English;
I Read Arabic is another online program used at SIS to promote reading in Arabic

Making Learning Visible

Students of KG1 to Gr 2 showcase their “learning” to their parents at the end of each Term.

Arabic on the move

An additional Arabic learning program which has Arabic Café as a popular part of it which opens during the recess break has interesting games on display that students use and earn brownie points

Parent-Teacher meetings

Focused parent interactions in the form of Target setting meetings, Data meetings, Performance Review meetings are held every alternate month.

Mushahid of the Day

The SIS parents get an opportunity to attend their child’s class as an observer and partners in their child’s in school learning. (Once in each quarter)

iPads for learning

individual iPads are issued to each student in G3 and above


Being a Ted-Ed school, students are trained in oratorical skills so that they take part in Ted-Ed events

School Transportation

a fleet of high-quality buses with the latest equipment including GPRS is sincerely dedicated to making students’ travel comfortable to and from school.

Medical Facility

A dedicated doctor and nurse practitioner form a sound team that looks into healthcare at SIS at all times.

Idea Leaders

The school takes great pride in being the only school where students from KG right up to higher grades have decided to bring about a difference in the school and society through various initiatives like Mindfulness, Adult Wellbeing, adopting a Bird Sanctuary, Adopting an Old age Home, etc.

A Diverse community of stakeholders

Even though the school offers CBSE as a curriculum, it has been enriched so thoughtfully with the knowledge, skills, and understanding elements of the international education system, that over a hundred families from twenty different nationalities have chosen this school for their kids.

World Culture Gallery

The school has a world culture gallery placed at one of the corridors that provide useful information about various world cultures.