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Students enjoy investigating global issues and develop solutions for challenges and real world problems in the STREAM Lab, as they integrate apply the elements of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Mathematics seamlessly. LEGO and ROBOTICS are integral parts of our STREAM projects, where students explore interdisciplinary and global links beyond the boundaries of subjects.



Our well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs provide students myriad opportunities to apply the 5Es of Enquiry-driven learning- Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate -to develop analytical thinking skills of hypothesizing, problem solving and inferencing. As they work collaboratively and individually, students develop scientific acumen and attitudes of curiosity, risk taking, objectivity, precision, perseverance and responsibility.



The dedicated and fully equipped Math lab provides our students with immense opportunities to apply abstract concepts through concrete, hands on experiences using manipulative, measuring rods, LEGO and other materials.so as to consolidate their learning and enhance their analytical, critical thinking and creative problems solving skills. Students personally experience the joy of discovering principles and relationships as they make cross curricular connections and solve real-life problems in the Math lab.



Our library houses a collection of more than 15,000 books, comprising subject books, dictionaries, periodicals, reference books, fictions, non-fictions and Curriculum based topics. Our Library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize reading materials in a variety of formats and to access information and a variety of e-books using ipads. Students enhance their reading skills every day through the effective use of DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) period.



Technology is entwined in almost every part of our teaching, learning and assessments. Embracing its increasing presence, SIS classrooms will integrate technology in the form of Apple iPads. The power of touch, motion and sound will enable immersive and interactive learning experiences for all our students.



The Don Bosco Philosophy of education of the Head, Heart and the Hand forms the founding principle of learning at Sabari Indian school. Aiming at the all-round personality development of all students, SIS provides students with several facilities such as football, volley ball, basketball courts, cricket nets, badminton and table tennis. Students also play a variety of indoor games. Karate and Yoga are well integrated into the sports curriculum. (The Don Bosco Alumni such as Robin Singh, Vijay Amritraj, Vishwanathan Anand are closely associated with SIS to provide world class sports training to our students. - photographs to be included)



At Sabari Indian School children are surrounded by learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We choose our After-school activities carefully according to the needs and interests of our students to help develop well-rounded individuals and enrich the whole school curriculum. Our students can choose from a range of activities including horse riding, robotics, swimming, football, badminton, karate, chess, cricket, and much more to add to the joy of learning.



Dedicated and specially designed rooms are provided for art, music, dance and drama with the view of developing student interests and skills in Visual and Performing Arts. Students get a plethora of opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year. The exceptional talents and skills of students are identified, trained provided and are encouraged to participate in exhibitions, displays, performances, assemblies and concerts.



The Eco Club provides students with a common platform to engage as global citizens in addressing local and global issues that need urgent attention particularly in relation to saving our environment. The Eco-Club is linked with the local and global bodies and communities and provides a range of learning opportunities to share the planet. The school also provides students with a wide array of resources and training for exploring gardening.



Our specialized CARE department provides specialist care and provisions to ensure that every child succeeds and no child is left behind. The CARE team works closely with the academic team and parents to provide specific targets, strategies, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Individual Behaviour Plans( IBP) to scaffold and support students with special needs. Provisions for Talented and Gifted students are planned and all stakeholders engaged in challenging them further.





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SABARI means "effecting change to transform for the better". The vision of the school is "To create a transformative learning culture that enables children to Share, Innovate and Succeed in life and work!!!".Through transformative education we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children and adults.

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