Governing Body

Darren Gale

Chairman - Board of Governor

Surjit Wright

Head - School Improvement Partner

Mr. Chetan Kumar

Admin Representative


Teacher’s Voice

Mr. Rudolf Stockling

Governor students of Determination

Anagha Mulay

Head of inclusion

Role & Responsibility of the Governing Board:

The SIS Board of Governors make significant and effective contribution to the overall performance of the school. The primary responsibility of the governors is to ensure that the school operates in the best interest of its learners, teachers, and parents. Ensures school is well staffed, resourced and all statutory requirements are met As part of the governing body, a governor is expected to:

  • Contribute to leadership and visibly support the school.
  • Contribute to the strategic discussions at governing body meetings which determine:
    • The vision and ethos of the school.
    • Clear Strategic priorities and targets for the school.
    • The principles to be used by school leaders to set school policies.
  • Hold the school to account by monitoring the school’s performance. Including:
    • Agreeing the outcomes of the school’s self-evaluation
    • Considering all relevant data and feedback on school performance
    • Asking challenging questions of school leaders
    • Listening to and reporting to the school’s stakeholders: pupils, parents, staff, the community and the owners.
  • When required, serve on panels of governors to:
    • Select the Principal
    • Appraise the Principal
    • Hear appeals
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SABARI means "effecting change to transform for the better". The vision of the school is "To create a transformative learning culture that enables children to Share, Innovate and Succeed in life and work!!!".Through transformative education we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children and adults.

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