Pranjala Dutta


Dear Parent,

Warm greetings from SIS

As you enter into the hallways of Sabari Indian School as a parent, I congratulate you for making the right decision by choosing our school as your child’s learning ground for the next many significant years of their life. A school that promises instilling exceptional thinking abilities in your child in addition to other aspects of holistic education. What better gift to offer to your precious one than a fulfilling education!

As a team that has been passionately fond of providing high quality learning experiences, here at SIS you may find my colleagues and me working in a range of places around the school such as; our respective workspaces, in the hallways, exploring together with our amazing students in classrooms and other outdoor areas. With a collective effort that is being put together to make learning an enduring experience at SIS, I can positively assure you a tangible growth in your child’s personality as well as academic abilities, year after year.

I will be happy to know you a little more and am available for a personal interaction at your convenience any day from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Alternatively, you can reach me at, should you wish to discuss anything via email.

Wishing us all a fruitful journey together.

Kindest Regards

Pranjala Dutta


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