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As the students transition from the Primary phase to the Middle School phase, the concentric circles of their knowledge, skills, and understanding begin to widen. The Middle School curriculum allows students to take up trans-disciplinary ideas for an entire year and unfold the layers through a range of experiences to deepen their conceptual understanding, innovate, lead, and connect to the community too. Students are empowered to explore the attitudes, values, and habits of mind to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens.

Middle School is a time of developing independence when students begin to make decisions about their own learning “hands-on’ to ‘minds-on’ learning is ensured through:

  • Rigorous research skills through independent inquiry.
  • Effective collaboration where students become more aware of their role in groups, valuing others’ choices and recognizing the strengths of one another.
  • Strong communication skills to express, connect and lead.
  • Critical thinking to problem solve, innovate, and enterprise.
  • Contagious creativity to add value to the learning of self and others.

The Middle School phase has English as first language, Arabic as second language, and choices for the third language between French/Hindi/ Malayalam/Tamil; UAE Social studies, Moral education, Islamic studies, Living Arabic, ICT, Visual arts, Performing Art such as ballet, gymnastics, dramatics, Music; Physical education that includes yoga, basketball, football, cricket, chess, swimming and so on.

AHA Program (13 mini-Course) for students to choose from, Extra Mile program for our gifted and talented students that includes Artificial Intelligence sessions, Drone designing, Astrophysics’, Citizenship program are a few highlights of the Middle School.

Our students develop the skills, knowledge, and habits of our signature programs, like Five Star Reading and Conceptual Math, which deliver high-impact results. The average fourth grader is reading at a sixth grade, four-month level by the time they move on to Middle School.