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Gulf Pinnacle Transport will commence its operations at Sabari Indian School as our new bus service provider. GPT will be offering brand new buses to our children. They are strongly committed towards providing quality transport service by maintaining the highest level of safety, outstanding customer service and positive employee relations. They take great pride in bringing the best international practices and technology to support education by making sure children have safe, comfortable and reliable transportation to the school and back home.

GPT buses are packed with the following state-of-the-art safety features to protect our students:

  • GPS Tracking Facility: The tracking of the vehicle and other on-board data is done on real-time basis. The location of the vehicle and students can be viewed which will be made available to school administration and parents.
  • Electronic Bus Attendance System: This system provides the real-time attendance of the students to school administration & parents. Attendance is marked via RFID student cards.
  • Optional SMS Alert: Can send automatic alert SMS to the assigned mobile number in case of student being absent. Parents will also get alert on mobile application if the bus leaves the stop without picking up the child.
  • SMART Bus Attendance App for Parents: The bus attendance app will enable the parents to be aware of school bus status. The real-time information of the bus and student whereabouts will be available to the parents.
  • Sleeping Child Prevention System (SCPS): This Empty Bus Confirmation facility ensures enforced physical inspection of a parked bus and ensures no child is left behind unattended after a trip.
  • Field Trip Confirmation: The school bus list is created electronically for students staying late for activities or field trips and updated easily. This feature ensures accurate student attendance during field trips & student stay backs so safety is guaranteed.
  • Campus Entry & Exit Control: This innovative technology ensures student safety by recording student entrance and exit to school electronically.
  • Digital Colour Cameras: All the buses will be mounted with cameras with multi-angle views. The digital recordings will be secured and will be shared with school administrators to analyse incidents and support disciplinary action.
  • Preventive Maintenance: SRT had developed a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for its vehicles which is essential to the safe and efficient operation of the school buses. The program reduces vehicles breakdowns, accidents due to faulty equipment, lowers maintenance cost and enhances safety in school buses.

For any transport details contact numbers

  • Samsudeen - 0565150203

  • Melwin - 0565150208

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